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Shrewsbury Town’s season is now officially over for 2019/20 season with the club finishing 15th place in Sky Bet League One following a majority vote of EFL clubs 9th June 2020.

Everyone at the OSC is disappointed that we couldn’t finish the season on the field of play with our fellow supporters cheering the players on at Coventry, Sunderland, Burton & Peterborough before finishing the season on the seaside at Southend, but we agree with Brian Caldwell’s statement of 22nd May 2020 that the health of the clubs staff, players and of course our fellow supporters takes president & the updated message 10th June 2020.

Firstly, we would like to thank everyone who has travelled with the OSC this season for continuing to support us. This give us a chance to do the things we do behind the scenes, from helping the club where we can to maintaining the Memorial Garden and backing projects like the FanZone.

We would also like to thank Roland Wycherley & Brian Caldwell for their outstanding efforts for the OSC, Supporters Parliament and every supporters group and individual supporter he has helped during this season. We would also like to thank Sam Ricketts and his entire back room and playing staff along with everyone who works on a match day, from stewards to gate staff to programme sellers who have gone above and beyond to help supporters this season.

A special mention has to go to Shrewsbury Town in the Community for the incredible work they have done both before and during the current COVID-19 crisis. They have shown how wonderful our local club, community and businesses are during these troubled times to help those in need and lift the spirits of us all.

The OSC continues to be run by supporters for supporters and we are always looking for supporters to join our ranks to make a positive difference for our club. If you are interested in helping the OSC, please contact us via our website, social media sites or you can contact Simon Moore, Brian Jones or Rob Lewis for information, or to show your interest in making a difference for our club and our football club which we all support.

We are #ShrewsFamily the #BlueAmberArmy #Salop and the OSC committee wish every supporter all the best for the summer and we hope to see you all on our coaches once more when we can all travel to games.

Stay safe

Support your club

Love our team

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