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Shrewsbury Town's OSC (Official Supporters Club) hope you are all following the UK Government (or where ever you are in the world, following your local Government's advice) for dealing with the current Covid-19 pandemic.

The OSC thought we should set up a page here on our website with the latest details, articles and activities for dealing with the day to day efforts of our outstanding NHS workers from Doctors, Nurses & Ambulance Drivers to those who support them like the Cleaners, Porters, Supermarket workers, delivery driver and everyone in-between as we enter a second lockdown in the UK.

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During the Covid-19 outbreak we all must think of our mental health and the mental health of others who may have to endure isolation. 

During this time remember you can still keep in touch with your friends and family, try calling them on the phone or FaceTime them on your phone, PC or tablet.

Visit Minds website here for more help


BUT no one should forget everyone in the country who works as hard as our NHS staff to support us all. 


Shop workers who are working hard to keep our shop shelves filled so we can all purchase the foods and medicines we require, from supermarkets to the owners of small corner or village shops, some of whom are going the extra mile to ensure they can provide for those people who are in isolation or are vulnerable and can not get to the shops nor get a delivery slot from our supermarkets.

To the delivery drivers who drive the wagons around the whole country which bring our groceries & supplies to the stores for us, along with the curriers who deliver our mail order products to keep us sane while we all isolate at our homes.

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Shrewsbury Town in the Community have a number of on going projects and events during these times.

More details are here.

Other links with information you may find interesting

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