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Salopians at Home

Prime Minister Boris Johnson tonight has announced another Lockdown for England joining the rest of the United Kingdom.

This means that our Salopian community will once more have to stay home, unless they are one of our nations Key Workers and heroes in the countries frontline NHS staff and Care Workers looking after our elderly family & those with a disability. From the Supermarket & Convenience Store staff keeping the shelves filled, to the farmers & manufacturing workers keeping us all fed and entertained. BUT we can not forget the online delivery drivers & hauliers bringing the goods we all desperately need to stay safe and stay many of us are now enjoying a colouring book or a jigsaw?

Now is the time to stick together through these difficult times, we will do our best to help where we can. On our "SALOPIANS AT HOME" page, we have put together some information and links we hope will help our supporters through these changing & difficult times, but please contact us if you have any ideas or online events like....a pub quiz.

Stay safe everyone.

Shrewsbury Town Official Supporters Club (OSC)

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