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Parliamentary Debate

Last night, supporters of football witnessed horrible scenes in Bulgaria as England's players & support staff encountered horrible scenes of racism, which resulted in the Match Officials using the first part UEFA's Three-Step Racism Protocol after 28 minutes when Tyrone Mings checked if an official heard the same abuse. This abuse continued & UEFA's second part of the Three-Step Racism Protocol was enacted with the referee temporarily suspending the match with PA addresses to the crowd being made, but the third and final part of the Three-Step Racism Protocol was not used which could have potentially lead to the game being abandoned. England went on to thrash Bulgaria 0-6. For all Shrewsbury Town supporters who wish to watch the UK Parliament debate on last nights horrible scenes from England football teams UEFA away game against Bulgaria the link is below. The debate starts at 12:32pm #Salop #ShowRacismTheRedCard #kickitout

For more details on organisations against racism are below

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