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Reverse The Curse Campaign

We are joining Blue and Amber in there quest to Reverse The Wembley Curse.

Original Facebook post by Glyn Price.

Its time to #Reversethecurse at Wembley

Its time to be the 112th man in Block 112. Stand Proud and Sing Loud

Its time to get 20,000 Salopians to Wembley.

Its time to win the biggest game of a generation and step into the Championship


Back the Blue and Amber Fanzine/Salopcast/STFCSP Campaign for Wembely 2018. Save this poster, print it off and get it in shops and billboards around Shrewsbury and Shropshire. Share this post far and wide on Facebook and Twitter and tell everyone you know that this is a game that cannot be missed. We all have a part to play in taking 20k up Wembley Way.... and more!

Can this be pinned to the top for the next few days!

Thanks to Ryan Lee Humphreys again for the excellent art work

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