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Shrewsbury Town Football Club introduced the club's new badge 27th March 2007.

old - Club Logo.png

The Bring Back the Loggerheads campaign formed in 2012 seeking a return of the Loggerheads as part of an incorporated design. 
The full story of their campaign is on their website


At multiple meetings of the Shrewsbury Town Supporters Parliament, including one with Chairman Roland Wycherley, the question was asked whether the club would consider changing the logo of the football club.

The SP was set the task to engage with the fan base in a democratic and transparent survey to either maintain the current badge or if a majority voted for a change, then the club would engage with the SP to develop a strategy of creating a series of new badges which would be acceptable for supporters to vote upon. 

The results were 1171 votes for a change of badge and 99 in favour of remaining with the current logo.

The change of logo was announced at the SP meeting held 3rd September 2014.

The football club would work with the SP, a design firm & copywriting firm to develop four designs to be put to a vote of supporters for use on a new kit to be used in the 2015/16 season.

Full details are via this link

Winner of the vote by supporters

Club Logo.png
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