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Fundraising for the NHS

The Shrewsbury Town OSC has been contacted by Mark, founder of Chords Crush Cancer who fundraised over £10,000.00 for the Lingen Davies Cancer Fund in Shrewsbury.

Mark is back to fund raising this time for NHS Charities Together.

Mark's put together a music album of 17 original songs from artists based in my hometown of Shrewsbury to as far afield as Lanzarote with ex-Shrewsbury Town star Austin Berkley writing one of the tracks!

The CD features artists who have donated their original music to this fundraising project:

Davy Lewis,

Robbie Jones,

CC Smugglers,

Abi Foster,

Cooper & Davies,

Andy Mills,

The Ronaldos,

Michaela Wylde,

Rob Cooper,

Jake Nelson,

Joe Doyle,

Camy Myles,

ABK Recordings,

ft. J Kofi,

Simon J Davies,

Darren Pritchard,

The John Cubbin Band,

Graham Clews.

The album supporting the NHS is now live with a target of £1000.00 to raise for the NHS.




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